Mandatory Introduction Post

Hello there.

How are you blogging today? The idea for this blog rooted from Twitter, where one day @precarious_me (Sumptuous Living) started a fun activity to blog 140 character twitter fiction and tagging #A2ZFiction in it. Then I started wondering why just restrict it to a twitter tag and that’s when I created an individual account for it @A2ZFiction. Once the account was created then the brain started working in the direction of calling out amazing writers around and starting to collate and publish the work of fiction in a more concrete form and that’s how this blog was born.

Let me also tell you an amazing thing that this April this blog would be part of a roller coaster ride and that is A to Z April 2014 Challenge. And it would be all about fiction. The first post for the April challenge for alphabet ‘A’ would be by @tweetingmanu (The Museum Piece) whose #A2ZFiction story was one of the amazing one (check here) out of the lot. We also have @shyvish (Diary of a Doting Mom) who would write a post for us and we would let you know which alphabet she would be picking up.

Now while you are reading this let me tell you something, if you have a fun post and wish to be part of this amazing blogging journey, drop a line in the comment and I will tell you a way to feature on this blog. There are total 26 alphabets of which two are taken but 24 of you still have a chance. So go ahead and don’t be shy to let me know if you are interested.

Till then love you all. Keep coming by for the sacred blogging month of April.



      1. my email id: ayush, I would like to do ‘H’ if its still available….

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