(A) Guest for each post

In my first post I had told you how the idea of this complete A2ZFiction concept came into being, but today on the first day of the A to Z Challenge let me show you some wonderful stories rolled in a 140 character twitter fiction.

I though this was the best one by Vaishakh and he would be soon doing a guest post at letter ‘K‘.

@tweetingmanu : We’ll part ways,they said.He didn’t see the pills being dropped in his drink.She didn’t see her lipgloss being doused in cyanide. (See original tweet here)

We had some wonderful other stories and here some of the best ones:

@AN_Ugly_Head : They walked hand in hand,leaving imprints on the sand,smiling at a memory. Funny thing,they had someone else in their mind.

@sunjhini : Delighted she took the flowers, wondering who he was. Sadly he watched. It was their 40th anniversary, she no longer remembered

@shyvish : A professor,a scientist,an astronaut:I can be all of these tomorrow? Maya touched his oxygen tube saying, “Yes,my love.Now rest”

@DanceEatRepeat : the crinkles on the sheet told his story, what he left was his scent on her, a rose and some bills which worried her the most

@ArleeBird : She carried her shame for far too long. Sin smoldered in her handbag. That damn library book was three years past due.

Yes, last two posts I have been talking about this. But here I am calling you all. Pick up a letter except B,J,K,M,N and S (which are already taken by some wonderful souls) and write a post around it. Drop me a word and I would mark that letter against your name.

Let the post be anything fiction. Be it 140 character twitter kind of fiction or a story that runs into parts. Just go for it and let’s have this party rolling.



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