(F)inal Kill

***This is final part of the previous post (E)scape the Fate ***

The truth shattered her wits and tore her love apart
The love for him and justice for her father
She was annoyed with the truth being held this far
She knew not what her step should be
To stab him to death or let the law do the justice
She wanted to scream but the choke was too strong
All she could do was excuse herself and try to rush too far
How could he kill her dad?
She just couldn’t have her thoughts aligned
The pain was too throbbing and the tears that fell apart
There seemed no end for this beginning and relief seemed afar
She had no family distant or near
The one she wished to hold onto was a killer
The life was at a standstill in the church in fear
The fear of the hanging decision in her Fiance’s eyes
No point for the wait is all she thought
She was ready to take her vows no matter what
The determination gave her the strength to gather herself and walk back in there
Just a last thought she had
She needed a touchup
The mirror was the only proof
She walked in there with a sense of relief
The ‘I do’ ringed in the sir
And they both lay still
It was the final kill and her revenge
Her chosen path and embracing the fate

(She had killed him and herself with her poisonous kiss)

*Note: This flash fiction is by Kripali blogging at Sumptuous LivingΒ for the #atozchallenge for the letter β€˜F’



  1. Poisonous Kiss!! Oh my my… What plight! Beautiful write there!! Amazing!! Love your posts. Sad that I missed them all this while! I don’t want to miss them anymore- following your space πŸ™‚

      1. I’m sorry, but what do u mean by being a guest???? Reading your posts everyday??? That’s definitely ging to happen!! πŸ™‚

  2. That’s some pretty good flash fiction. She was lenient though. I think the guy who withheld the information about her father deserves some just punishment too!

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