The Sun rode away in his chariot for a hike
Leaving Dusk in control
She handled the show for sometime
Before the moon marched on with his starry army
To take the empty throne Sun had left behind
Moon took it in a swift show without any struggle
Only to have forgotten that his evil and powerful big stepbrother Sun could turn the tables around
The time fluttered it’s wing signalling the Moon to hide
Dawn was here announcing of Sun’s arrival and his claim of the throne
Moon decided to sort it out once and for all with the big brother
Deciding who is the rightful claimant of the throne
The vivacious Earth with her drop dead gorgeous looks walked in right then
And settled the ages long battle with her brilliant yet simple solution
That Day would be Sun’s assistant and Night would be Moon’s
Maintaining their calendars of time being divided equally
And implement the solution effectively by Moon and Sun taking turns in being the rightful owners of the throne.


*Note: This flash fiction is by Kripali blogging at Sumptuous Living for the #atozchallenge for the letter ‘I’



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