(N)utty Professors

We all had our fair share of wacky professors, back in our college days. While some took great pleasure at mimicking their ways, some applauded their teaching skills, brushing aside their unusual ways. Here are some instructors, as I like to call them, sorted according to their quirks.

1) Analogies Rule The Charts : Ever heard of the show on discovery channel, named weird connections. He seems to have been inspired by such shows. Jokes aside, boarding a local train is an art, many a Mumbaikars would agree. The repeated instructions blaring from the loudspeakers, cautioning the overenthusiastic passengers from, standing too close to the edges. That’s the query he put forth, before us, what will happen if one doesn’t comply with such norm. The class clown blurted out , the person needn’t board the train as he gets sucked inside the compartment automatically. The whole class burst into peals of laughter, which was becoming difficult to control by the passing minute. Here’s the explanation, as the train gains speed, it’s velocity increases, thereby reducing the pressure in the surrounding area, like the edge of a platform. The pressure drop is what, may cause the person to tumble over the hard surface.

2) The Moody One : Pray he is in good spirits, or the whole lecture is going to be pretty harrowing, going by his varying temper. First he scratches and separates the flaking paint off the walls. Then rolls his eyes, as if contemplating, if your said answer was right or wrong. Hurls your pouch at you, if he fails to find the divider in it. You better listen to every word spoken by him, as there’s a Multiple choice question hidden in each sentence uttered.

Confident Professor at Blackboard --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

3) The Disciplinarian : It’s raining cats and dogs, still you are supposed to put on your soggy socks. If by any chance, you are present in his class, sans the handbook, one is barred from attending lectures.

4) Get To The Point Types : Ending up using the wrong kind of terminology, albeit, non technical ones, may land you in trouble big time. No marks for extra points, which makes little sense. The main essence of the answer needs to be compressed and limited. Maybe exam fever originated from, their stinginess at allotting marks to each answer.

5) Always Be In The Know How Types : Having knowledge about, a particular topic well in advance, before the commencement of the lecture is a must for them. The prof believes in the adage “Two heads are better than one”. If you have got any doubts, then be prepared for a wholly of questions being directed at you, as regards the topic.

 Their eccentricities, may hold our attention, but in the end they are our guiding light. They are the Nutty Professors.

***Note : This post is written for us by Madhavi S Pujari who is a female version of Peter Pan, Blogging for her is a means to tethering those, wandering thoughts at one place. Words penned down are free flowing, without any hindrance whatsoever.

She blogs at http://dawdygal.blogspot.in



    1. It’s good to hear that you could relate to this post. Thanks for sparing your precious time for leaving a comment. On a lighter note, the professor who chewed into beetle nut leaf would be having chomp and spit issues. 🙂

  1. We had one who would throw your book on the floor if the assignment wasn’t done. It’s safer to sit at the last bench with your head down if you want to avoid being called to answer a question 🙂 Lovely post about Nutty professors.

  2. I had a professor who used to come, talk about syllabus for five minutes, give us homework and leave! There was another one who used to come, teach something nobody in the class of 75 students understand- I just yawned thinking about him! Though most of my teachers were awesome but there are always a few Nutty ones in the lot! 🙂

    1. Some of the guys in our college, spray painted caricatures of them on college walls, during college fests. Describing each professor in great detail, they didn’t seem to mind though. It was sheer fun.

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