No (Z)eal anymore

It took me a while to figure this out, that
The heart which had bled to death
And the brain which had lost its sanity
Wasn’t for a sane cause
It was for the lost unacknowledged purpose
The love, which never was mine
What was left a soulless body
With no heart and a brain to control
Such is my state now, withered and wounded.

** This post is written for us for letter ‘Z’ by Kripali who blogs at Sumptuous Living



  1. beautiful lines….
    congratulations on the successful completion of a to z.
    would like to be a part of you endeavours in future also…
    was late with the post ….as I had lost my laptop to the naughtiness of my little girl…
    thanks for everything..
    would love to be connected with you always…….

    1. Thank you Sitara. I will definitely love to be in touch with you. Your work is wonderful. Thanks for being part of my challenge and congrats on the completion of your challenge.

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