No (Z)eal anymore

It took me a while to figure this out, that
The heart which had bled to death
And the brain which had lost its sanity
Wasn’t for a sane cause
It was for the lost unacknowledged purpose
The love, which never was mine
What was left a soulless body
With no heart and a brain to control
Such is my state now, withered and wounded.

** This post is written for us for letter ‘Z’ by Kripali who blogs at Sumptuous Living


The (Y)elling

She yelled
He yelled
They yelled
The thoughts yelled
The emotions yelled
The mouth yelled
The tears yelled
The hands yelled
The brain yelled too
But the heart had decided to go silent
For forever, for its own good.

** This post is written for us for letter ‘Y’ by Kripali who blogs at Sumptuous Living

(W)ierd Dreams

The path of chocolate chip cookies

Crossing the rivers of maple syrup

The mountain clad in whipped cream

And the island made of icecream

The buildings that were chocolate, the dark and the white

I wished to taste every bit of that place

But shaken badly by my colleague

To wake me up

As I was smiling while taking that nap on my office desk

It was tea time for sure.

**Note : This post is written for us for letter ‘W’ by Kripali who blogs at Sumptuous Living 

(V)ote For A Rate?

Back then in my school days April and May were the months when we get ‘Exam Fevers’. Times have changed and for the past 6 years it is ‘IPL Fever’. This year in addition to the IPL Fever the ‘Election Fever’ is going viral. I am one of these modern youths who get to know about most of the social affairs and recent trends from Facebook than from Google or Newspapers. These days from a movie review to an election campaign everything is going social media based. Of course, the social media has become a very useful and sensational way to reach to the audience; from a school kid to a grand mom everyone is using Facebook these days. Therefore logically marketing or promoting via FB sounds sane and wise.

However, what bothered me in the recent times were few posts and ads by FB Fan Pages which stated “Show your inked finger, get a free …” My FB newsfeed was flooded by these posts that made me curious and I opened one of these links. It was very simple, all we got to do is register our name and contact details in the form provided, vote in our area to any party of our choice, and then show our Voters’ ID and the inked finger to the franchise nearby our vicinity and claim the reward (as they call it). The prize, reward, or freebie ranged from a meal voucher to a spa voucher amongst others.

I was seriously wondering what exactly these brands are going to gain by making us vote by giving these freebies. Firstly, their online presence increases as we visit their page often to know about the offers or freebies, also we share their posts with our friends online that gets them a new set of audience or fans. Secondly, they get a good image on the media and amongst their customers as they are promoting a social cause (voting, in this case). Finally, this works same as daily deals concept; the customers get the voucher and when they visit the store they may buy more goodies or even better when they like the service and become a regular customer to the stores. This is a win-win situation, the customer votes to the party of his/her choice and gets some goodies, the government gets their voters ratio improved (especially the youth), and the companies that provide the freebies are benefitted for the reasons said above.

Well, all is well till here but then what bothers me was a question that my mom asked me this morning, “Have you people come to a stage wherein even to perform your fundamental duties you need freebies? How different is this from bribing?” This is something we should ponder about and react.


**Note : This post is written for the letter ‘P’ for us by Srilakshmi Indrasenan aka Stri who is a freelance content writer and editor. She writes technical, creative, fiction, motivational, fashion, and relationship based contents. She has 4+ years of experience in content writing and editing and also she is open to jobs like EmCee and Wedding planning. She blogs at where she writes on categories like fashion, social issues, short stories, memoir, and humor.


(N)utty Professors

We all had our fair share of wacky professors, back in our college days. While some took great pleasure at mimicking their ways, some applauded their teaching skills, brushing aside their unusual ways. Here are some instructors, as I like to call them, sorted according to their quirks.

1) Analogies Rule The Charts : Ever heard of the show on discovery channel, named weird connections. He seems to have been inspired by such shows. Jokes aside, boarding a local train is an art, many a Mumbaikars would agree. The repeated instructions blaring from the loudspeakers, cautioning the overenthusiastic passengers from, standing too close to the edges. That’s the query he put forth, before us, what will happen if one doesn’t comply with such norm. The class clown blurted out , the person needn’t board the train as he gets sucked inside the compartment automatically. The whole class burst into peals of laughter, which was becoming difficult to control by the passing minute. Here’s the explanation, as the train gains speed, it’s velocity increases, thereby reducing the pressure in the surrounding area, like the edge of a platform. The pressure drop is what, may cause the person to tumble over the hard surface.

2) The Moody One : Pray he is in good spirits, or the whole lecture is going to be pretty harrowing, going by his varying temper. First he scratches and separates the flaking paint off the walls. Then rolls his eyes, as if contemplating, if your said answer was right or wrong. Hurls your pouch at you, if he fails to find the divider in it. You better listen to every word spoken by him, as there’s a Multiple choice question hidden in each sentence uttered.

Confident Professor at Blackboard --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

3) The Disciplinarian : It’s raining cats and dogs, still you are supposed to put on your soggy socks. If by any chance, you are present in his class, sans the handbook, one is barred from attending lectures.

4) Get To The Point Types : Ending up using the wrong kind of terminology, albeit, non technical ones, may land you in trouble big time. No marks for extra points, which makes little sense. The main essence of the answer needs to be compressed and limited. Maybe exam fever originated from, their stinginess at allotting marks to each answer.

5) Always Be In The Know How Types : Having knowledge about, a particular topic well in advance, before the commencement of the lecture is a must for them. The prof believes in the adage “Two heads are better than one”. If you have got any doubts, then be prepared for a wholly of questions being directed at you, as regards the topic.

 Their eccentricities, may hold our attention, but in the end they are our guiding light. They are the Nutty Professors.

***Note : This post is written for us by Madhavi S Pujari who is a female version of Peter Pan, Blogging for her is a means to tethering those, wandering thoughts at one place. Words penned down are free flowing, without any hindrance whatsoever.

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(M)urder Most Foul

She looked in horror down at the red liquid spreading across her hands. She had never intended for this to happen. What started as innocent play was now murder most foul.

Rushing to wash her hands, she glanced at the knife that had done the deed. Then, back at the subject, that lay in a pool of its own blood.

She heard footsteps and quickly gathered up all the evidence and disposed of it in a plastic bag outside the door.

Turning, she smiled at her mother, who stood at the door to the refrigerator and asked her, Mala,my dear, what on earth have you done with all the tomatoes?’


***Note : This post is written for us by Shailaja who is a freelance content writer and blogger who shares her views on parenting and life lessons while dabbling in creative fiction. She likes to swim, teach music, read and network with other bloggers. She blogs at and can be reached at

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Go check her challenge post for M : Music in parenting

Death by (L)ove

She walked out of the house

Leaving her heart behind

For the one who although cared less

Was captive of her soul and grace

The healing would never be done

She knew it well

The forced decision couldn’t be reversed

There was too much on stake

He doubted her loyalty

And pushed her away

She guarded his life

In exchange of hers to be sacrificed.


**Note : This post is written for us by Kripali who blogs at Sumptuous Living 

(F)inal Kill

***This is final part of the previous post (E)scape the Fate ***

The truth shattered her wits and tore her love apart
The love for him and justice for her father
She was annoyed with the truth being held this far
She knew not what her step should be
To stab him to death or let the law do the justice
She wanted to scream but the choke was too strong
All she could do was excuse herself and try to rush too far
How could he kill her dad?
She just couldn’t have her thoughts aligned
The pain was too throbbing and the tears that fell apart
There seemed no end for this beginning and relief seemed afar
She had no family distant or near
The one she wished to hold onto was a killer
The life was at a standstill in the church in fear
The fear of the hanging decision in her Fiance’s eyes
No point for the wait is all she thought
She was ready to take her vows no matter what
The determination gave her the strength to gather herself and walk back in there
Just a last thought she had
She needed a touchup
The mirror was the only proof
She walked in there with a sense of relief
The ‘I do’ ringed in the sir
And they both lay still
It was the final kill and her revenge
Her chosen path and embracing the fate

(She had killed him and herself with her poisonous kiss)

*Note: This flash fiction is by Kripali blogging at Sumptuous Living for the #atozchallenge for the letter ‘F’